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The Modern Man's Lifestyle Guide to Being Over 40

Upcoming book by Tony Escamilla. The Modern Man's Lifestyle Guide to being Over 40

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This book was written by Tony Escamilla, Co-founder of Modern Man's Lifestyle as more than just a men's health book. It's a guide for men over 40 who are looking to update their lifestyle. After being married for many years, Tony found himself divorced and suddenly single. His subsequent journey proved to be riddled with many bumps in the road, of which Tony tripped on many. Too many.

His journey led him to redesign and rebuild his life from scratch. In doing so, Tony learned some valuable lessons which he now wants to impart on men over 40 who may be in a similar situation. 

Whether just updating or rebuilding your lifestyle, the lessons in this book are meant to hopefully prevent you from tripping over the same bumps as Tony did on his journey. 

The book is filled with advice on men's health tips, fashion tips, dating tips and much more.  We hope it guides you to your own Modern Man's Lifestyle.


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